The team's 2013 first-round draft pick said he'd love to return to the Panthers when his contract expires after this season but isn't dwelling on the unknown as he enters his "contract year." "I try to not think about it too much," said Lotulelei, the team's 315-pound space eater in the middle of the line. "At the end of the day, that is a part of what we do – the business side of things – but I'm not really thinking about it too much. It's so early in the season. Right now I'm just trying to focus on getting better, improving and helping this defense get to where we need to be, get us to our goals this season."Lotulelei's future with the Panthers beyond this season is cloudy because of other moves made by the team. Carolina has already signed defensive tackle Kawann Short, drafted one round behind Lotulelei in the 2013 draft, to a five-year, $80 Cam Newton Jerseys million contract extension this offseason. And, last year Carolina invested a late first-round draft pick in Vernon Butler, another defensive tackle with huge potential who is turning heads at training camp.Complicating matters is Lotulelei is still recovering from cleanup surgery on his shoulder this Kelvin Benjamin Jerseys offseason. He has been limited at times during practice as the Panthers are gradually working him back into top playing form. So whether the Panthers will choose to invest more money at the defensive tackle position or let Lotulelei walk in free agency is unclear. The Panthers have not commented on Lotulelei's contract Greg Olsen Jerseys status. "Money is a big part of what we do, but at the same time you've got Luke Kuechly Jerseys to go out there Jonathan Stewart Jerseys and earn it," Lotulelei said.

Холодные закуски

1Маслины с лимоном и зеленью, 50/10/5 гр.70 руб.

2Лимоны, 100 гр.100 руб.

3Ассорти к водочке, 270/25 гр.
(грибочки, огурчики, лимончик, лучок, картошечка)
190 руб.
4Овощной микс, 190/20 гр.
(свежие огурцы, помидоры, болгарский перец и зелень)
120 руб.
5Сельдь с луком, 100/120 гр.185 руб.

6Язык говяжий с горчицей и хреном, 100/20/5 гр.290 руб.
7Сырная тарелка, 150/100 гр.
(4 вида сыра, груша, виноград, грецкие орехи, зелень)
320 руб.
8Пикантная тарелка, 280/45/10 гр.
(маринованные помидорчики, огурчики, квашенная капуста с клюквой)
255 руб.
9Семга соленая с лимоном, 100/30 гр.400 руб.
10Ассорти мясное для гурманов, 190/35 гр.
(сало домашнее, язык, куриный рулет, копчености,  маслины, огурцы,  зелень)
300 руб.
11Рыбная тарелка, 180/65 гр.
(семга и сельдь соленые, кета холодного копчения, красная икра, маслины, зелень)
425 руб.
12.Рулет куриный (130 гр.)320 руб.